September 14, 2006

Batman ART OF NEAL ADAMS Hardback Books

In a previous posting I mentioned these Neal Adams Books of his artwork because I did a small article on one of his Batman Paintings ( Check out my archives for more info ). Well, here are the books I was tellin' ya about, I really really want these! So far there are 3 Volumes & these babies are BIG & THICK. I checked Amazon today ( Sept 14th ) & they're on sale! The original price was $49.95 but now they're $33.00. So all three can be had for about $100 & that's better than paying $150, right?! At the moment I'm kinda broke so as soon as I get back on my feet I plan to buy at least the 1st Volume. Also, Neal Adams sells these on his official webpage SIGNED but I forgot how much those were. I think he even has some copies where he draws some Batman art on the 1st page AND signs it! Droooool!

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