September 30, 2006


This week I kinda focused on creating NEW Link Buttons. Some would say I went a little crazy with it, ha ha! But I like webpages with alot of good content & LINKS is one way of doing it. I hope you check out a few because I've tried to only post the best! One NEW button is called GOLDEN AGE BATMAN & it's a webpage really worth checking out. It features the history of Batman Comic Book Covers. The interface is easy to use & there's a ton of information! Pictured above are 2 very classic covers from the site: Detective Comics # 27 ( May 1939 ), which was the VERY FIRST Appearance of Batman, & then the 1st Issue of Batman. Both of these 2 comics are national treasures for sure! I've included a LINK BUTTON to see it that you can find in "My Links". That is on the RIGHT-HAND SIDE of my BLOG near the TOP! Please be sure to BOOKMARK my page before ya go & always remember to check out my archives section for about 100 more postings of information! The archives are located on the right-hand side too, just below the link buttons. ( Click on the Small Pictures Above For Larger Photo ).

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