September 30, 2006

NEW Batgirl & Batman Symbol WALLPAPERS!

I was feeling kinda lazy this morning plus I gotta go help my Mom move out of her apartment, whoopee! ( Sounds like alotta fun huh?! ). So I don't have much time to write so I though I would give the 'ole BAT-BLOG Readers 2, yes you heard right, TWO WALLPAPERS to decorate their PC desktops! The 1st image is graphics from a new fan-made T-Shirt done to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the 1966 TV Show. I just got one of these shirts & they are very high quality & very well done. This image up above of BAT-FAN is on the back & it's really large, plus the graphics are sharp. On the front they put a replica of the bat-logo that Adam West had on his TV uniform....sort of a yellow-black circle-oval, nice! If ya want to get one of these just check out eBay. The 2nd is a very nice pin-up of Batgirl! I like it because she looks kind of "realistic" looking, like a real person wearing a real costume. Enjoy. ( Click The Small Pics For Larger Wallpaper-Sized photos ).

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