September 12, 2006

Kellogg's FROSTED FLAKES with Batman Premium!

Included in this post are 2 pictures that will make any toy collector drool! This is the SUPER-MEGA-RARE 1966 Kellogg's Frosted Flakes Cereal Box with the advertising on the back for the 60s Batman Stampets Printing Playset! And what's that price of 25 cents about?! Was it only 25 cents?!! The other picture is another photo I found along time ago that is taken from the B&W TV Commercial for the cereal box that had the BATMAN PERISCOPE premium, another great advertising mail-away item! I hope you enjoyed these photos & if you have any Vintage Batman-Related Cereal Items then please send a pic! ( Click on the Tony Tiger Box for a Way Bigger Photo! )

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