September 21, 2006

Fred Hembeck : Cartoonist & Comic Book Artist Tribute

For as long as I can remember I have been a really big fan of both the humor & artwork of Fred Hembeck! Those of you not familuar with his work should check it out. He did alot of work for both Marvel & DC Comics. Usually it was "filler space" & one of his comic strips would appear on a page or two. Sometimes he did a whole page story. He's even done a few comic books on his own & is a highly sought after commercial artist. Plus he's loved by alot of comic geeks ( I mean GEEK in a good way, hee hee ). Once you learn what his art looks like you will always recognize it later. It's sort of simple in a minimal kinda way & very "cartoony" but the accurate details to the character he's drawing is really awesome! If you're familuar with comic book heroes then you recognize that character right away! Recently he's been selling his artwork on eBay, what he calls his "cover recreations". These are full-size pen & ink drawings of classic comic book covers in his "cartoony" style ....they're really great! If I wasn't so poor I would buy one or maybe even commission him to do a piece of art! I love his stuff. He also has a nice webpage worth checkin' out. I've included a LINK BUTTON to his website on the top/right-hand side of my BLOG. While there be sure to read his BLOG called "Fred Sez"....funny!

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