September 22, 2006

Custom 1940's Style Batmobile Pedal Car!

A while back I was surfing the net & by accident I found a really cool webpage that was all about restoring vintage pedal cars. Now with my toy collection all over the place I have NO room to collect these ( they take alot of space ) but I really love them for their craftsmanship & nostalgic appeal. I prefer the ones that are all original but they had a page that was all about ones that were customized. Well, to my surprise, I found this one ( see above pic ) that somebody made to look just like the version of the 1940's Batmobile! WOW! They never really made these in production or for sale & this was sort of a fantasy "dream concept" one....great idea! I love the style of the car with the "fat fenders" & the Batman HEAD on the front is just like the classic comic books....way cool! Anyways, I hope you other bat-fans find this pic as interesting as I do, check it out.

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