September 9, 2009

Batman BATGIRL Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds!

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Hey Kids! It's "Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday" again here at the olde Bat-Blog so I thought it would be fun to go with a BATGIRL THEME! I have always loved this Batman-Family character & the wallpapers I created cover many different versions. There's the Yvonne Craig 1966 Batman TV Show version with her on the Batgirl Bat-Cycle & then a few graphics from various comic books, both vintage & modern. Now, I know ya gotta love at least one of them, ha ha! GO BATGIRL!!


jeremy-dale said...

Whoa! Here I am, just browsing a random blog entry about Batgirl's latest cover or whatever, and then I see my artwork?!

Your wallpaper (listed at )is by yours truly.

Surreal. I'm flattered.

Credit the artist and all is more than cool. :)

- jeremy dale

Michael W. Kellar said...


I just noticed that these are my inks over Jeremy Dales pencils, just flipped around and the top half of the is the link to see my original inks -->, I am honored that you used my inked version to make a wallpaper.

Credit to the inker and all is great :)