August 24, 2009

Kenner's SUPER POWERS 25th Anniversary - Look At The Spin-Off Products!

With the success of the SUPER POWERS Action Figure line there was a total frenzy in the 1980's to create many other products bearing the SUPER POWERS brand name & logo. Here are just a few other pieces of merchandise made ( Coloring Book, Paint Kits, Jewelry, Happy Meal Boxes, Videotape, etc... ) & a few comic book advertisements featuring the toys & VHS videos. Please remember that I'm trying to feature just items that were "Batman-related". Because, there were a ton more! In fact, these are not even ALL the Batman ones they made either...just a nice assortment, as an example. They are all pretty self-explanatory so I won't get into details. I just hope you enjoy drooling over them, ha ha! Well, I guess I do need to explain the weird "Joker Figure" because it's not an actual product but is a strange "Bootleg" made doll. But everything else is "real". Also, the last photo of the "Batman Super Powers Model Kit", I'm gonna feature the original art in the next post...whew!


john french said...

$24.98 for the video tapes? I cannot believe they actually sold any at that price. I got my Batman tape at a Goodwill for .50 cents!

ozz said...

I remember renting the videotape years ago. I'm pretty sure it featured episodes of the late '70s Filmation series (the one voiced by West and Ward).

The Irredeemable Shag said...

Those Burger King kids meal containers are the coolest thing ever! I want to do the word search so bad!

Amazing Super Powers anniversary coverage, Tommy. Well done!

The Irredeemable Shag

Josh said...

I've got the VHS tape of the Batman cartoons. I first saw it at a video store and I think years later was when my parents bought me a copy of it.