August 24, 2009

Kenner's SUPER POWERS 25th Anniversary Desktop Wallpaper!

OK, As sort of the very last post in this wacky promotion I wanted to leave everybody with some fun souvenirs to remember the whole event by. So, I made some "Super Powers 25th Anniversary" Desktop Wallpapers! In an earlier post I promised some more of the Classic Batmobile so here's a photo I hope you enjoy! It shows the Dynamic Duo sitting in their famous toy vehicle. Speaking of the Duo, the next image is just the Batman & Robin Action Figures by themselves, sort of simple & minimal. Plus, there's more! The Last background is the original comic art for the "Batman Super Powers" Model Kit Box done by Carmine Infantino. You might remember it in the "Products Section" ( See Above Posting ). Well, I hope you have enjoyed today's crazy event & please be sure to visit all the participating websites listed in the very 1st post. Thanks.

1 comment:

Infrafan said...

Wow. Thanks for bringing back some memories for me. I had these and I miss them dearly. If only I could go back in time and tell myself as a kid to save my freakin' toys. lol