June 22, 2009


As all Bat-Blog Readers know, we have teamed up with Burt Ward, The Boy Wonder himself, to promote his new website ROBINTHEBOYWONDER.COM! Burt was extremely generous & gave us a few autographed items to give away as prizes. Well, late last night, at midnight, we randomly picked the lucky winner of our latest Bat-Blog Contest right out of a hat! This is our 3rd contest for this event & we will be having 1 more pretty soon. So, keep an eye out for that because it's the very last prize! Now, the winner of the BOY WONDER, MY LIFE IN TIGHTS Signed-Autographed-Copy Book is...Jeff R. of Sherman Oaks, CA!! Jeff, please be sure to contact us to confirm your mailing address & then we will get this book straight to you! It's an awesome read & I know, as a Batman Fan, you're gonna totally love it!! I wanna thank everybody who entered this latest Bat-Blog Contest & I promise that the next one is one you will NOT want to miss!! So, please be sure to stay tuned to the Bat-Blog for more information. In the mean time, please be sure to visit Burt Ward's Brand-New Website. Here's a link button:
CLICK HERE To Visit The Official Burt Ward Robin The Boy Wonder Website!!


ozz said...

There's just something so creepy and awkward about the cover of that book.

ozz said...

P.S. Sorry, Mr. Ward.