January 11, 2009

More BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD Action Figure Toys Spotted at Target

My friend Billy knows I am goo-goo over the new Batman toys so he sent me some pics from Target the other night shot with his iPhone. I'm sort of amazed by the quality. Anyways, we have been reporting about the new BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD Cartoon Toys that are coming out & they're already starting to show up in stores. So Billy sent these 2 pix of action figures we didn't have pix of yet. ( Side Note: to view ALL info on these B&B toys just click on the "Brave and The Bold" word in the labels area down below ). One is the "Super Saber Batman", it's a figure by itself. Then there's the "CYBER-TANK" Vehicle Playset. It comes with a Batman & Blue Beetle action figure all packaged in a cool window box. The Cyber-Tank is sort of like a Transformers figure where it is both a vehicle & a "Batman suit" all at the same time. I love the retro-design of it too, pretty awesome! In fact I'm really liking the design of most of the Brave & The Bold stuff I have been seeing but the main problem is Mattel is going to be going so extremely overboard with this stuff that we will all need 2nd jobs to afford it all, ha ha!

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Kenn Minter said...

I bought batman, aquaman, black manta, red tornado, and kanjar ro at target this weekend.

Cool figures!