December 3, 2015

DC COMICS NEWS: February Will Be a VERY BIG MONTH for NEAL ADAMS! #Batman #Superman

Here's some fun news for both comic book collectors and just about anyone who loves the artwork of Neal Adams. In February DC Comics is going to go completely nuts sharing some amazing variant covers for many of their comic book titles. 

The cool thing is that they hired the legendary Neal Adams to create a ton of brand-new covers to go with 25 of their books.

Yes, you read that right, in February there will be TWENTY FIVE Neal Adams Variant Covers and they are each sort of pay tribute to some extremely classic covers he has done in the past. 

Here's one example:

Here's the sketch for Grayson #17 and it's an homage, of sorts, to the classic cover  to BATMAN #237, a story titled, "Night of the Reaper". See what I'm talking about? Oh man, SO Awesome! 

Here are some more Batman-related covers down below that will be coming out and since I couldn't post all 25 of them here then I suggest clicking HERE to see the rest, they're so beautiful!

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