November 1, 2015

#JOKER #Batman Related Humor Pictures!!

While digging through my Bat-Files recently I noticed a small trend of "Joker" related pics. So, I decided to dump them here for your entertainment pleasure. They're all really fun, so I hope you like a few of them!

The first one is some awesome JOKER artwork that is sort of inspired by the POP Art Paintings of Andy Warhol. Then, we get to see Jack Nicholson as the JOKER... except that he has "Heath Ledger" style make-up, an interesting twist!

Next up is a fan-made photo where they wanted to see what the Actor William Dafoe would look like as the Arkham-based Video Game JOKER. Wow, he could be great!

Then, we have a Muslim Girl dressed-up as her favorite villain. No offense to any religion intended, just thought it was pretty clever with the "green hair" and nice make-up.

Then, last but not least, The Dark Knight movie done in the style of the Animated Series... Nice!

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