September 26, 2015

New DC Comics Hardback Graphic Novel Collection by UK Eaglemoss! #Batman

Here's exciting news for Batman Fans and people who love reading DC Comics Superheroes! Well, those of you who live in Great Britain (UK) anyway. 

There's a Publishing Company in England called EAGLEMOSS (Yes, the same team that brought you the Die-Cast Batmobile Car "Batmobilia" Collection) and they have plans to release a huge giant set of hardcover books all reprinting a ton of classic DC Comics Graphic Novels!

The basic premise is that you subscribe to their service and they will send them out once they're published. The only information I could figure out from their website is that they will release 20 books a year for about 3 years or more with around 60 books total. Along the way their will be some special books they will add to your collection for free so the numbers could get bigger. Also, I'm not even sure if they will ship these to the United States, argghh!

Sorry, their website information is kind of confusing, but these books do look pretty cool!

(Thanks for the heads-up, Cliff Pooley)

For more info:
Please visit the UK EAGLEMOSS Website!

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