July 29, 2015

New #MATTEL Classic 1966 #BATMAN TV SERIES Action Figure Sets at Toys R Us!

Here's a quick post to share a photo I came across online. Someone spotted a new set of boxed toys at Toys R Us. They're made by Mattel and are a part of their Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series toy line.

One boxed set includes 3 actions figures of Batman, Robin the Boy Wonder, and Batgirl! The other set is a special "To The Batcave" play set that is meant to go with your figures. It also looks like it comes with a "Bruce Wayne (Adam West) figure with interchangeable head, ha! 

This set also has a Bat-Computer, Bat-Zooka,a Shakespeare Bust, Red Telephone or Bat-Phone, 3 Batarangs, Bat-Radio, Bat-Megaphone, and probably some other stuff we can't see... it's SO FREAKIN' AWESOME!

If the price tags on the shelf are correct then it looks like these both have a retail price of around $50 (Batgirl Set) to $30 (Batcave) each. ($50 for 3 figures? OUCH!). 

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