July 4, 2015

New DC COMICS SUPERHEROES Fast Food Character Glasses From Europe! #Batman

Here's some great news for friends living on the other side of the globe but kinda crappy for us who live in the United States, ha ha! In Europe (Belgium, France, etc...) they have a Fast Food Restaurant Chain called "QUICK!".

Basically, it's a hamburger place and right now they are offering DC Comics' Superhero Meals that come with some extremely awesome promo character glasses! Shown here is an actual photo of the "Batman" Glass (Thank you Salvatore!).

Yes, you read that right, promo glasses! I grew-up with these things in the 1970's and restaurants here in the US have stopped offering these a long time ago (lawsuits probably). But it's extremely cool that all our friends overseas will get to enjoy these! 

The complete set includes the Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman. Click on the photo down below for a larger, sharper, photo:

One last thing, check out this awesome TV Commercial airing over there right now!! Also, a special "Thank You" goes out to a good friend named Thierry who helped me with the official QUICK website!

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