July 4, 2015

Check Out These New #BATMAN Justice League PVC Figures by Schleich

Schleich™ is a German producer of toy figurines and accessories headquartered in Germany. The traditional market for Schleich products is Mainland Europe, with half their sales in Germany. But, they do import these toys to the United States and you can find them at places like Wal-Mart and Toys R Us.

Their main focus is creating very life-like reproductions of natural animals from our world. They also make figures with a "Fantasy/Dragons" theme, Realistic-looking Dinosaurs, and even Smurfs.  So, it's kinda strange (but very cool) that they are now going to be coming out with a whole new line of DC Comics' JUSTICE LEAGUE figures. I don't have an exact release date on these yet but I'm sure you can find them pretty soon so keep an eye out.

Shown here are some of the Batman ones, at least 3 different poses, but the line will also include Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash, etc... Then, down below, is a photo showing a special boxed set titled, "BATMAN VS JOKER"... very cool!

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