May 4, 2015

THE WAYNE FOUNDATION Charity Helps Bring Awareness to Child Exploitation Issues #BATMAN

One of my favorite Podcasts to listen to is WTF WITH MARC MARON. As sort of a money-generating gimmick his podcast sells coffee under the WTF POD brand with a company called JUST COFFEE CO-OP. I totally love dark coffee, and I wanted to support the show, so I visited their website to order some java. 

Well, while there I nearly freaked-out because they are also selling "Batman-Themed" Coffee!! Actually, it's not an officially  licensed product coming through DC Comics, but it's made for a Non-Profit Organization called THE WAYNE FOUNDATION. It's run by the Actor, Kevin Smith and Jamie Walton. The main focus of the Wayne Foundation Charity is the awareness of the commercial exploitation of children and sex trafficking, a good cause to support.

So, if you love coffee and care about this issue then please be sure to check it out. Just CLICK HERE!

Also, if you want more information about the charity, CLICK HERE!

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