May 19, 2015

New #BATMAN TOYS, Action Figures and Products Coming Soon! #GOTHAM #ARKHAMKNIGHT

For this post I decided to share some random photos of various "Batman" Products that will be coming out. Actually, the BATMAN HOUSE KEYS are in stores right now (you can find them at Home Depot), but everything else will be released later. Stay tuned to the Bat-Blog for news on when they officially come out. I don't know exact release dates yet. These photos were "teaser images" from the various toy companies.

In the 2nd photo here we get to see a new addition to the UK-based toy line, BATMOBILE AUTOMOBILIA. It looks like they're gonna add the BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT Batmobile Car to their collection, awesome!

Then, DC Collectibles has plans to release a whole series of action figures revolving around the characters from the GOTHAM TV Show. Here we get to see the Penguin, James "Jim" Gordon, and Selina Kyle (Catwoman). Wow! The faces on these are pretty good!

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