May 30, 2015

#MARVEL VS DC COMICS - The Ultimate Crossover 3-D Animation Film #BATMAN #3D

Check out this amazing fan-made 3-D Animation Video featuring superheroes from both the Marvel and DC Comics universe! Yes, Batman is here and he's a major player, ha!

All the Visuals and Animation were done by Saruhan Saral, created using Blender and After Effects.

This is his first short film project. He started working on it in February 2015 and it took him 3 months to finish the whole thing. This is not a commercial trailer, but a personal project for him, and he is not affiliated with any company (i.e. I don't earn any money from this).

Now, he didn't MODEL any of the characters himself. They were taken from some video games made by these 2 companies but he did do the rigging and then animated the shots. 

Saruhan used Adobe After Effects and Premiere for composition. Most voice clips are from the video games, mostly from Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Injustice: Gods Among Us. Sound Effects were edited in Audacity.

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