May 26, 2015

#BATMAN HISTORY - Bruno's Batcave 1966 KXOK Radio Spot

Listen down below for the KXOK Radio Spot for "Bruno's Batcave", 6324 West Florissant, St. Louis, MO. circa 1966.

Johnny Rabbitt and George Edick, along with another old friend, Jim Brown, came up with a plan to convert what had been part of an old Bowling Alley in the basement of the Club Imperial into an atmospheric, music-driven club for teens called "Bruno's Batcave"!

"BRUNO'S BATCAVE" became a world unto itself! Jim Brown was the first Manager,and Johnny King signed on as Assistant Manager. Since Johnny Rabbitt's KXOK shift was 7:00 to Midnight, he needed friends he could count on to keep things running smoothly, and to solve any problems that could come up... and to watch out for his interests in Bruno's Batcave opened in the Spring of 1966. (Ernie Cummings, who managed The Klassmen, became Manager when Jim Brown left on October 21, 1966.)

"Bruno's" was turned into a dark, caverness place. With a "Bat Tunnel" for the entrance and black walls with 'Bat Murals' all around it was the ULTIMATE Club for teens to "see and be seen in"! 

They had some of the greatest local bands that you could want: Steve Cummings and The Klassmen, with Gayle McCormick, was pretty much the House Band.

To the mix were added: Walter Scott of The Guise, The Aardvarks, Barry Ebeling and The Invaders, Hoss and The Lords, etc...

PLUS, with the help of some local Record Promo guys, they had some National groups that would come through occasionally like The Cryan Shames, The Blues Magoos. Other featured Stars that they had at the "Batcave" included B.J. Thomas, and the talented Billy Preston.

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