April 30, 2015

NEW 2015 #BATMAN FAST FOOD TOYS - The Justice League Pop-Up at Burger King in Brazil!

Batman Fans who love to collect fast food toys should be both excited, and bummed out, to know that right now, as we speak, they are giving away "Justice League" Mega Box Premiums in Brazil! Their traslation of the name is "Liga Da Justica". How cool is that?!

I say "bummed out" because these toys, which are actually "Plastic Storage Boxes" (Pencil Cases?), are only available at the Burger King Restaurants in Brazil and a few other Latin American Countries, and not in the United States. Here is an in-store display:

But, hey! They look pretty cool and you can collect Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman. I bet these show-up on eBay soon so keep an eye out. Also, if you know someone who lives there, you can bug them to go eat there, ha!

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