March 3, 2015

Custom #Batman Toys: Light-Up 1966 Batmobile Slot Car by Jiji

OK, I have been meaning to share this for quite awhile but as I mentioned before I took a small break from posting for awhile. Well, I'm back and I could not be more proud to share this fun post. I know there are some nice photos here to see but please be sure to check out the video posted down below. Once you see this car you're gonna cry, ha!

Our good friend, Jiji, took this 1966 Batmobile Slot Car and customized it with a few major features. Mosttly, he added some cool lights so it looks more realistic for "night time". The headlights and red beacon on top light-up! Also, check out the jet exaust... so cool!!  (Thanks Jiji, great job!).

Hey, if anyone out there wants to learn how he did it then please be sure to check out this message board posting where he shares the love, it's great. Just CLICK HERE!

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