December 28, 2014

Legendary #BATMAN Comic Book Artist 'Norm Breyfogle' Medical Stroke Fund

Yes, we have some sad news to report here at the BAT-BLOG and also some good news.  Norm Breyfogle, the legendary "Batman" Comic Book Artist, recently suffered a stroke. As far as I have been able to tell he is doing OK, or is stable, I guess. I don't have much info except that he is being crushed by medical bills. So, his family started a "You Caring" page to accept donations. They have collected around $51,000 so far but need much much more as his medical bill will probably be around $200,00 or so, if not more.

Anyways, here's a LINK to the DONATE PAGE and please do what you can. norm's a great guy and he should be important to all you Comic Book Collectors out there. Hey, I also know that Batman Fans are some of the best, most kind-hearted, people on the planet and many of you will step-up, so THANK YOU in advance!!

Whoops, also forgot to mention that even if you can't donate, then at lease please PLEASE share this post in your social media (Facebook, twitter, etc...) so that other people can see it. Thanks again.

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