November 2, 2014

More 1966 BATMAN TV and MOVIE STATUE NEWS From Tweeterhead!

In a previous post we shared some new images of THE PENGUIN "Batman Classics" Statue in prototype-mode. Now, here are a few other Batman-related pics from the Tweeterhead Universe!

First off I have to show this PINK BATMAN COWL, also known as the "Contaminated Cowl". It's about the same size as the head of the "Batman Adam West" Statue so I'm guessing that it's an accessory sold separately?? Sorry, I don't have much info on it yet, just speculating. Heck, it might not even be for sale. Their PR Dept kinda sucks, hee hee!

Next-up, and this pic is huge (click on it), is a totally cool movie prop replica from the 1960's BATMAN film. This is a "United Underworld" Plaque!  It's shown here in the very early prototype stage. Tweeterhead showed this off at the latest Comikaze Expo.

Speaking of "Comikaze", they also premiered the ROBIN THE BOY WONDER Maquette (Burt Ward) from their line of Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series Statues! It too, is shown in the extremely early prototype stages. but he looks great standing next to Batman (Adam West). The bases stand together to form "one image".

Oh man, this company just keeps coming out with incredibly awesome stuff that I can't afford to buy, AARRGGHH!

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