October 20, 2014

Hallmark Cards Has Some Fun New BATMAN STUFF at Walmart!

While shopping for some household supplies at Walmart the other night I decided to check to see if there were any brand-new BATMAN items to be had or report on. In their "Hallmark Cards" area I came across this extremely cool BATMAN JUMBO POSTER Greeting Card! 

Yes, it's a card that folds-out to reveal a huge poster! It's really BIG and measures about 21" X 50". So, I guess it's "door size" poster?? The image is really great! I have not decided if I am just gonna hang it on the wall like a poster or get it framed. Yes, I really love this image (see it down below).

Next-up, here's some quick news. You know those Plastic Tumbler Party Cups they make? Well, there's a new one that mostly features the Batmobile. Only 89 cents so had to grab it. I love these cups!

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