October 13, 2014

Bob's Custom BAT-DUDE BAT-CAR a Retro 70's BATMOBILE Replica!

I totally love how the Internet has made the world a little bit smaller and way more connected. Here's a great example! I recently got an email from a guy named Bob who lives in Arizona (I live in Oklahoma). He has a custom-made replica car that everyone calls the BAT-CAR!

It's a Bradley GT Kit Car from the 1970's that has been converted to a "Comic Book Style" Batmobile! I think it's extremely groovy! I love the nice vintage retro-vibe and the "it's almost a Dune Buggy" feel! 

Check out the pics, it looks really FUN!

Bob told us that when he takes this vehicle to local Car Shows that little kids go absolutely NUTS! Hey, I bet Adults go crazy too, ha! I love this thing, it's cool! The style is dead-on for that era, good job. 

Bob has a website with more details on this car, and many more photos, just CLICK HERE!

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