September 10, 2014

The Name BATMAN Gets it's Own Coca-Cola Coke Can!

WARNING: If you live in the United States then DO NOT TRY to find this in stores. You won't find it and you will go crazy, HA HA! 

Actually, this is a real Coca-Cola Coke Can that is being sold overseas. You see, the word "BATMAN" is actually a common name in some languages. I know that they use this name a lot in Turkey, Brazil, and parts of Spain. I assume it's a big name in other places as well. Just not the USA. Bummer!

(Thank you Agustin for the heads-up!)

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Augusto Sasa said...

Actually, you can ask Coca-cola to print it like that or any other name here in Mexico. They started this a few months ago and it have been madness. There are lines of people in some malls where they make it in the act with names like "Bort" XD

Great blog, greetings from Monterrey, Mex!