September 16, 2014

Photo Gallery: BATMAN THROUGH CREATIVITY a New Art Exhibit in Mexico

Here at the BAT-BLOG, about 10 days ago, we mentioned a Batman-themed Art Opening that was going on in Mexico that revolves around the 75th Anniversary of our beloved Caped Crusader. It's called "BATMAN THROUGH CREATIVITY" and it's still going on. For more info about the times/location of that show just CLICK HERE.

But now, the cool thing is, some people have finally posted a few photos showing us the artwork that is on display. It looks like most of the art is "sculptural" & revolves around THE BAT-MASK COWL. 

There are many different ones made by a large variety of Artists, all with radically different styles and personalities. This is really GREAT because it creates a lot of diversity, or in other words, something for everybody!

I'm only showing a few examples here... but if you visit this website you can see way more. It's great stuff! Just CLICK HERE!

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