September 10, 2014

New BATMAN: SEVENTY FIVE YEARS Fanzine that Celebrates the 75th Anniversary!

Thanks to our friend Bryan, and the guys over at the SWORDS AND STITCHERY BLOG, we just got some info about a brand-new BATMAN: SEVENTY FIVE YEARS Fanzine that is celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Dark Knight of Gotham!

For those who don't know what a "Fanzine" is, basically it's a fan-made magazine. This one has a very limited print run and features some of the top talent in comic books today including Arvell Jones , Jim Johnson , Arlen Schumer, and many more. 

It has 36 pages of art and articles (in both color and B&W) all celebrating BATMAN ! It has a retail price of $11, which includes postage in the USA.

To order your copy just send a Check or Money Order to : 
Martin Hirchak 
P.O. Box # 44678
Detroit, MI.   48244

One last thing, the "Batman 75" Fanzine has it's own Facebook page which you can enter by clicking RIGHT HERE!

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