September 27, 2014

Matty Collector Announces 30th ANNIVERSARY SUPER POWERS Action Figures Set!

Matty Collector recently announced that they are coming out with a set of new "Super Powers" Figures to celebrate the 30th anniversary of that classic toy line. Here's a basic overview of what their press release said,

"A milestone in modern toy history comes to a close as the DC Universe Classics and DC Signature Series makes a heroic finale. But we wouldn't ride out into the sunset without one final hurrah for our fans! Now, as we celebrate both the end of DC Universe Classics and the 30th Anniversary of SUPER POWERS, we're proud to present a final six figure series in Four Horsemen Style, with packaging harkening back to the classic 80's toy line. As one era ends, we celebrate the entire modern history of collecting DC Comics action figures with the DC SUPER POWERS 6" Collection!"

The figures include:

  • Batman - Available Now!
  • Superman - Available Now!
  • Wonder Woman - Available Now!
  • Gold Superman - October 2014
  • Green Lantern as The Riddler - October 2014
  • Mr. Mxyzptlk - October 2014
  • Kalibak  (Collect and Connect Figure)

  • For ordering information and to visit their site, just CLICK HERE!

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