September 7, 2014

HISTORICS AT BROOKLANDS Presented the Original 1966 BATMAN Movie BAT-BOAT in Auction

Last week, HISTORICS AT BROOKLANDS in Weybridge, Surrey (UK), offered the original 1966 BATMAN MOVIE BAT-BOAT in an eBay auction. If I read their ad page correctly, I don't think it met the minimum bid. 

For more information, and to purchase this vehicle as a special birthday gift to me (January 19th) , please visit their page by clicking RIGHT HERE! 

Also, here is how their eBay description read:

The first appearance of the Batboat was in the 1966 Batman film, subsequently used in seasons two and three of the 1960's television series, the Batboat created by Glastron Industries was designed by Mel Whitley and Robert Hammond from a Glastron V-174. Whitley and Hammond added a red flashing beacon, glowing eyes, 'Bazooka' hatches, seats for both Batman and Robin at the front of the boat, twin wind screens, a center console, an outdrive jet cover and an aft deck cover with a glowing Bat-Signal on the tail fin. Although the boat was powered by a Mer-Cruiser L-6 stern drive, a water squirter and a jet nozzle were added to make the Batboat look like it was 'nuclear-powered'. When the Batman television show was eventually cancelled, Glastron used the two Batboats for promotions and after much touring, the boats were sold.

This 1966, Glastron Batboat came to England a few years ago from America and has been displayed at many events since. Not only fully working and sea-worthy, this 17 ft 10 inch boat with a beam of 74 inches is in excellent condition throughout with all original running gear. The engine is as you would have found in the original film, a Mer-Cruiser Z-Leg and runs impeccably. Complete with red flashing light and Bat accessories, this is the ultimate machine for any collector. This tribute to the original Batboat is by far one of the finest executed examples to be seen on these shores and certainly the best to be made available on the open market. Viewing will be busy and so we would strongly suggest all parties that are interested to make their arrangements with us at their earliest convenience.

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