September 16, 2014

#BATMAN TRIBUTE ART - Made With Love and Sidewalk Chalk!

While goofing around on Facebook the other day I received some artwork from an extremely talented artist who recently created a BATMAN TRIBUTE in, of all mediums, chalk! (Readers, please be sure to click on the photo up above for a larger, more detailed, version). It's really GREAT!

He wrote, "My Daughter, Son-in-law, and grandsons love the Bat-Blog. They suggested your page and said I had to send this your way. Desmond and Johnny love to make me, grandpa, get out the sidewalk chalk!"

WOW! OK, First off I totally know the family he's talking about, ha! They're all really great friends. These people are totally serious Batman Fans and really love the character. That, in itself, is very cool but I wanna thank their "Grandpa" for sharing his amazing artwork. Honestly, it's very well done and it's also extremely touching that they thought of the BAT-BLOG and wanted to share. Thanks everybody, I love you guys!

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