September 13, 2014

75 YEARS OF #BATMAN - A Celebration in Bogota, Columbia!

Last July, the 26th to be exact, some Batman Fans celebrated the 75th anniversary of Batman in Bogotá, Colombia! Check this out!

As mentioned in a previous post, here at the BAT-BLOG love meeting Batman Fans from all over the world. It's so cool that this American superhero character is embraced by many different cultures. Here's a wonderful example. I was recently sent some photos from a friend who went to a local event there that celebrated "75 YEARS OF BATMAN". 

It was sort of a mini-convention where other Batman Fans met, they had booths selling merchandise and there was some wacky cosplay going on! Oh yeah, and they even had a fun life-drawing class. That's so cool! 

Judging by the photos, it looks like everybody there had a great time. I totally love that this happened and I wish I could have been there.

One last thing, they have a fan page on Facebook AND, if you live near Bogota, I'm pretty sure they would love to meet you, just CLICK HERE!

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