August 24, 2014

Vintage BATMAN Comic Books From Around the World

Recently, some friends of ours on our Facebook Page shared a few foreign BATMAN comics that they have in their collections. 

The first one is from a guy named Johan De Neef. This is the cover to a "Special Batman Album" published in the Netherlands. It uses some Carmine Infantino artwork and looks awesome!

The next 2 books are Arabic Language Books. The 1st one is from the collection of our friend Jeff Sedin, the 2nd one is from another collector who submitted this thing so long ago that I can't remember his name. Yes, I'm a complete idiot, ha! But it's a great cover that features Neal Adams Artwork.

Thanks to everybody who submitted these fun pics and if YOU, the reader, are a serious Batman Fan then please come join us at FACEBOOK  just CLICK HERE!

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