August 2, 2014

Franchi's BATGIRL ART for the 1966 BATMAN Classic TV Series Maquette Statue by Tweeterhead!

Christopher Franchi's new BATGIRL PAINTING (up above), based on a SKETCH from Tweeterhead (down below).

Shown right here is the original artwork done by our good friend and favorite Artist, Christopher Franci. He was recently hired by the Twitterhead Company to design the BOX COVER ART (Packaging) for their new Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series YVONNE CRAIG BATGIRL Maquette Statue.

The sketch down below is what he had to go on and it shows what the actual statue will really look like. It comes with part of a brick wall that has the Mechanical Spiral-Opening in her dressing room so she can get to her Bat-Bike that is hidden away in an alley.

For now, we're sharing this amazing art but stay tuned to the BAT-BLOG because once we get pictures of the actual product we will be posting that as well. Also, we have NO info yet on price and date available... like we said, just please stay tuned. Oh yeah, we totally love this thing!

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