August 30, 2014

Emperor Dinobot's Batman - A #BATMAN Action Figure Toys Archive

This post is a quick shout-out for a friend who has created a new blog called THE EMPEROR DINOBOT'S BATMEN which is basically a Batman Action Figure Toy Archive. His goal is to to review every Batman figure from the 90's and beyond. 

He has a massive collection of mostly loose and complete figures from those days. In fact, he probably has more than 500 individual figures that need to be photographed. His goal is to do at least three per day.

So, to check it out just CLICK HERE!


EmperorDinobot said...

Thanks so much for the coverage!!! :D

Will not let you down! If you follow my blog, you'll get 1-3 reviews every 2-4 days!

EmperorDinobot said...

Thanks so much for featuring me! I'll do as many posts as I can! It's a ton of work! a labor of love!