July 14, 2014

COOL BATMAN NEWS From Around The World!

 When I was starting to do this post I noticed I had a lot of material from around the globe. So, I thought I would work an International Theme. Pretty fancy, huh? OK, Here's some cool Batman News and Merchandise from around the World.

 First up, check out this cool photo sent in to us by a good friend living in Brazil. Here are some large-sized Batman Figures you can get there, probably, ONLY there! One is sort of a generic "comic book" version. While the other one is tied into the BEWARE THE BATMAN Animated Series. Oh man, I totally love that one!

 Next up is a French Magazine titled, "L'Ecran Fantastique", featuring a colorized version of the famous "Ben Affleck as Batman" photo. It's sort of our first experience seeing the character "in color" since the original photo was presented in B&W. ( Yes! Blue and Grey!)

 Anyways, you can find this publication in Belgium, France, Sweden, Canada, and a few other places... but NOT in the USA. Well, unless you have access to a super-cool newsstand or advanced book store ( In other words, if ya want one, look on eBay or maybe a Foreign Amazon Site ).

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Alex Damaceno said...

Hey, man, nice job on the blog. I'm from Brazil and every toy store has these giant DC figures. There's also Flash, Green Lantern, Joker, 70's look Batman and New 52's Superman. The toy maker is called Bandeirante. Here are some links for you: