June 23, 2014

LA MUJER MURCIELAGO - The 1968 BATMAN Mexican Cult Film

Here's a nice opportunity to see a fun piece of Bat-History! In Mexico, back in 1968, there was a movie production company that made a "Batman" film called, "LA MUJER MURCIELAGO". The unique thing about the film was that the main character was a sexy "Batgirl" (or is she suppose to be "Batwoman"?). This movie has become a cult classic! You can watch it sometimes on YouTube. Check it out sometime, it's CRAZY!

Also, if you can get to eBay in the next few days, there's a company called "Posterazzi" who is selling all 6 Lobby Cards and 6 Promo Still Photos. 

They're all shown, right here:

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