June 4, 2014

BATMAN FANDOM Sometimes Gets Seriously Creative!

One of the good things about writing a blog about "Batman" is that there are millions of creative people out there who do some really neat artwork that is totally inspired by the character. We love "Creativity" here at the Bat-Blog so sometimes we like to share this stuff. It's fun! If you, or a friend, have done some Batman-inspired art, custom toys, paintings, drawings, or some other craft or medium, then please, let us know.

First up is a really wacky fun item! Here's a Custom BATMAN MAIL BOX that, I think, would also make a really great actual product. I mean, it would be awesome! Who would NOT want one of these? 

This was designed/created by our friend Lee who is also known as "The Batfan". If you check out the pic, he put his logo on there. I really like the "Bat-Signal" Warning Flag too, a nice touch.

Next up is a photo I came across recently that shows a little kid doing some serious "Classic 1966 Batgirl" Cosplay. She also has a Custom Batgirl Cycle, or Bat-Bike. The attention to detail here is insane! Good job to whoever made this. It's completely adorable and very well done :)

The next image is pretty random. Here's a T-Shirt design I came across by accident. Sorry, I don't remember who sells it but a quick Google Search would be pretty easy. I'm mainly sharing it for the humor.

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