May 17, 2014

CATWOMAN DAY: Original Art For the Classic 1966 Batman TV Series Moebius Model Kit

OK, Here at the BAT-BLOG we decided to get kinda wacky and declare that today is CATWOMAN DAY! For this wonderful event we're gonna focus on one of the very best "Catwoman" actresses out there, Julie Newmar!

As you know, there's a toy company called MOEBIUS MODELS and all this year they will be releasing plastic model kits based on characters from the Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series. I've seen the "Batman" one and it really shares a great likeness of Adam West.

Well, here is what the CATWOMAN Model Kit is gonna look like! In fact, this is the Original Artwork for the Model Kit's Box Packaging. This image will appear on the front lid. Now, we're really excited about this news but the real main thing we're really proud of is the fact that this special art was created by our good friend and all-time great Bat-Blog contributor, Christopher Franchi! 

Yes, you have heard his name around here before. He is a Graphic Designer/Artist  working in Detroit and he also designed the special "header" at the top of this website. Anyways, he totally painted this and it's completely amazing! This is gonna look great as a consumer product, that's for sure.

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