May 18, 2014

BATMAN NEWS - First Look at GOTHAM, the New TV Series From FOX

OK, first off, the image up above is a custom-made 900 X 1440 GOTHAM TV SHOW Wallpaper you can use to brighten your desktop, enjoy.

Now, I have to admit that I'm both excited and disgusted about this brand-new TV Series coming out called GOTHAM. It's weird. I think it's either gonna be really great or totally suck, ha ha! I just don't know how to feel yet and I'm gonna wait until I see a few episodes to develop an opinion.

The show is not going to really be about "Batman", so to speak, it looks like the main focus is gonna be about Jim Gordon, a Young Bruce Wayne, Some Villains and Gotham City.

So, what do YOU think about this new TV series? Excited??

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