April 5, 2014

Marcos' Vintage 1960's ARGENTINA PLASTIRAMA BATMAN Halloween Costume MIB!

My favorite part about working and writing the Bat-Blog is getting to meet people from all over the globe who love "Batman". Here's a great example, check out this series of photos from a good friend named Marcos who recently found a Vintage "ARGENTINA PLASTIRAMA" BATMAN Costume! 

He said he bought it from a guy that lives in Argentina. It is a very nice piece, almost mint, the only thing missing is the clear plastic on the window of the top lid of the box. This item is extremely RARE in ANY county, especially the US! Marcos was kind enough to send these incredible reference photos showing all the amazing retro-style artwork (Thank you Marcos!).

1 comment:

david_b said...

Very very awesome.. Wish we had quality that good. LOVE the box.