March 4, 2014

First Look at Some BATMAN 75th Anniversary Toys and T-Shirts

This is just a quick post to share a few pics I came across while surfing the Internet looking for Batman Toys that are tied into the 75th anniversary of the character. Yes, this year (2014), Batman has been around for 75 years!!

The 1st pic is a special DC Universe Classic "Batman" Action Figure by Mattel. It's a part of their "DC Comics: 75 Years of Super Power" series. One bonus is that it comes with a Collector's Button, WOO HOO! Look for it to hit stores pretty soon, if it's not out now.

Then, Mattel is also releasing this special Dark Knight Movie Hot Wheels Toy of the Bat-Pod. This has been released before but this version has new packaging??? Anyways, thought it was pretty cool. Love the graphics on the card.

The only other thing I found were these two T-Shirts with a special "Batman 75th Anniversary" logo. Also, You can buy these awesome shirts if you CLICK HERE!

Hey, if anyone else out there comes across some new merchandise please let us know, thanks!

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Anonymous said...

How is the Batman Figure "Classic"?????? It's not the Classic blue...I'll pass...