March 24, 2014

BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD - New 2014 Kinder Egg Toy Batmobile for Easter in Brazil

Next month is Easter and to help celebrate Kinder Eggs will have a special prize, a Batman: The Brave and Bold Batmobile Toy! These pics were sent to us by our good friend George who lives in Brazil. 

Kinder Eggs are hollow-chocolate eggs that have toy prizes inside and are only available in foreign countries. Why? Because US food regulations prohibit food with toys hidden inside because they could be a choking hazard. Yes, American children are too stupid and might choke on something like that... and then have to sue (so sad!).

Anyways, I totally love these Kinder Egg Toys and I also wanna thank our friend for sharing this awesome information... Thank you George! 

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Robert Snare said...

Actually, I recall reading that the laws had been relaxed with regards to this sort of thing. I suspect the main thing keeping it away from our shores is both copyright issues and the fact that B&tB is no longer airing here.