February 12, 2014

Filmation's 1968 TV Cartoon Series THE ADVENTURES OF BATMAN is Coming to DVD

The Adventures of Batman was an American animated television series produced by Lou Schiemer's Filmation studios. The shorts were broadcast as part of The Batman/Superman Hour in 1968. Over-the-top characters and catchy dramatic music cues gave this version of Batman a realistic look and feel-by cartoon standards of the day.

As you surely know by now, Warner is working on finally getting the 1966 live-action Batman series, starring Adam West and Burt Ward, to DVD at long last, sometime later this year. And you may recall that back in 2007, Warner Home Video released The New Adventures of Batman - The Complete Series on DVD, which was a Filmation-produced animated version starring the voices of West and Ward as cartoon versions of Batman and Robin.

However, back when the live-action Batman was still airing on ABC, there was a different Filmation-produced animated show broadcasting on CBS: The Adventures of Batman, with longtime character actor/voice actor Olan Soule as "Batman/Bruce Wayne," Casey Kasem as "Robin/Dick Grayson" and Ted Knight as "Commissioner Gordon." These 34 cartoons first aired in 1968 as part of The Batman/Superman Hour, then re-ran in 1969 as the 17 episodes of "The Adventures of Batman."

Today Warner Home Video has announced that all 34 installments (17 episodes) from Filmation's The Adventures of Batman will be released on DVD this coming June 3rd. The 2-disc set will cost about $19.99, and the package art is shown up above.

Oh yeah, here are the episodes:

"How Many Herring in a Wheelbarrow?"/ "A Bird Out of Hand"
"The Cool, Cruel Mr. Freeze"/ "The Joke's on Robin"
"Bubi, Bubi, Who's Got The Ruby?" / "Opera Buffa"
"The Nine Lives of Batman"/ "In Again, Out Again Penguin"
"The Big Birthday Caper"/ "Long John Joker"
"The Crime Computer"/ "1001 Faces of the Riddler"
"Partners in Peril"/ "Two Penguins Too Many"
"Hizzoner The Joker" / "The Underworld, Underground Caper"
"Will The Real Robin Please Stand Up" / "Freeze's Frozen Vikings"
"Simon the Pieman"/ "The Great Scarecrow Scare"
"My Crime is Your Crime"/ "Beware of Living Dolls"
"From Catwoman With Love" / "He Who Wipes The Ice, Goes To The Cooler"
"A Game of Cat and Mouse"/ "A Mad, Mad Tea Party"
"A Perfidious Pieman Is Simon"/ "Perilous Playthings"
"The Fiendishly Frigid Fraud" / "The Cool Cruel Christmas Caper"
"The Jigsaw Jeopardy"/ "Enter the Judge"
"It Takes Two to Make a Team" / "Wrath of the Riddler"

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