January 23, 2014

Very COOL CUSTOM BATMOBILE Batman-Inspired Cars!

One thing is for the sure, the beauty of Batman's Batmobile is so awesome that it inspires many crafty inventive people to customize their own personal vehicle. Here's some great examples:

The first pic is something that came across my desk at random. I feel bad because I forget where it came from. It had to be sent to me by a friend or I saw it online. Anyways, HEE HAWWW! It looks like some race car guy has done made himself a Bat-Mo-Bile! *bang! *bang! *bang!

To the left is a pic I know I got from a friend over at our BAT-BLOG Facebook page. His name is Michael and he was kind enough to share this photo of HIS own personal car that he has been customizing himself, it's called... The BAT-HONDA! OK, it looks like he has ONLY added some black bat-wings to the back side-windows, but it is coming along just fine, a good start. (Thanks Michael)

Then, down below, here's another pic from a friend (at Facebook too) named James. He shared this pic of HIS Custom Chevy Camaro that has a huge mural-size image painted on it with graphics from the recent "Christopher Nolan Trilogy" movies (be sure to click on it!)

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