January 16, 2014

SUPERMAN and BATMAN Valentine's Day Candy in Stores NOW!

Hey Kids! Check out this awesome set of photos sent in to us by our good bat-buddy, Joshua Raymond, who also does some super-excellent writing over at the Misfit Robot Daydream Blog.

He's a HUGE Batman Fan and, just recently, he spotted these Batman and Superman Candy Tarts (boxed) at a Circle K convenience store in Las Vegas, NV. (Thanks Joshua, YOU ROCK, Sir!)

These candies look like those heart-shaped Valentine's Day candies, except they are shaped like the Bat Symbol and the Superman S-Shield.  They come with 5 boxes in one pack, and are being sold at two packs for $2.00. Yeah, just 2 bucks for 2 packages!

I should say that I saw the "Superman" Candies in a Dollar General Store about a week ago but they didn't have any "Batman" ones. maybe they were sold out because he's the better Superhero, ouch!

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