January 23, 2014

SNEAK PEEK - NEW Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series CATWOMAN MODEL KIT From Moebius Models!

It looks like there's gonna be a brand-new CATWOMAN 1:8 Scale Moebius Model Kit we can all drool over!

Yes! It's the Julie Newmar version! Here's a quick glimpse at the first pics of the CATWOMAN Model Kit from the next wave of kits being put out by Moebius Models. It's a part of their "Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series". It also looks like you can make the personal decision, while building the kit, to have her masked or unmasked, ha! It also looks like you can have her hand holding either her cat-gun or a black bullwhip, nice!

You can look for it around May of 2014. It will have a suggested retail price of about $34.99.

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