January 30, 2014


For years now I have featured the photos of Batman Fans who have got "Batman-themed" Tattoos. I appreciate everyone who has sent us a pic and also the way they're so creative at it. Here's one I got from a Bat-Blog Fan over at our BAT-BLOG FACEBOOK page. If you're not a member there, then we invite you to join now... Hey! It's Free!!

But anyways, back to the cool Bat-Tat. Here's one from our friend Raymond who said this is the 1st wave of his brand-new "Batman: The Dark Knight Movie Trilogy Tribute" Tattoo. He said that he has plans to also add design-motifs of the Joker and Bane. So, later there will be 3 characters represented. Sounds awesome! 

(Thanks for sharing this photo Raymond, your Bat-Tat looks really great so far and you picked a good stop-point too. Please keep us updated with a new pic later, ha!)

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